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CeCyD estimates the duration of each cell cycle phase for any kind of cell subjected to BrdU/EdU incorporation assays. In order to do so, CeCyD uses the inputs provided by the user to feed the Willians [1] and Stanner & Till [2] equations, as proposed by da Silva et al. [3]. CeCyD is a free software licensed under the terms of GNU-


This page provides a quick overview of the methodology applied. For a more in depth description, please check da Silva article. $$\begin{equation} x = \frac{\ln {(1-\frac{y}{2})}}{-\alpha} \end{equation}$$ Where $x$ is the duration of the stage in question, $y$ is the cumulative $\%$ cells from G1 to the stage in question, $\alpha = \frac{\ln{2}}{T}$ (where $T$ is the generation time) $$\begin{equation} S = \frac{1}{\alpha} \ln{[L + e^{\alpha Z}]} - (Z+t) \end{equation}$$